„Authentic big-city blues with a dash of Motown / Stax. Cool voice, organic sound, stylish arrangements and compelling soloist. „

This is how the renowned music journalist Marcel Anders (Musikexpress, Gitarre+Bass, ARD-Hörfunk) describes the music of the Cologne Blues Club. The band called it short: Finest groovin blues.

Bassplayer Michael Gebhart and guitarman Micka Kunze had agreed loosely to jam at the end of 2009, it then became the Cologne Blues Club. After some initial reshuffling the Club found its Blues  and is now regarded as the most promising newcomer–band of the german bluesscene (WDR2- Radio).

“The truth is on the stage“

The band loves the stage, the audience and the emotions. They have played countless club gigs and they set large musical accents at festivals. They can stand any international competition, as at the Dresden Blues Festival (Josh Smith, RJ Mischo, and others). Frontman Géza Tenji is considered as an exceptional singer and virtuoso harmonica player (Blue News), Thilo Hornschild is considered to be one of „the coming blues guitarists in Germany“ (Rock Times), Micka Kunze sets with his slide-playing extra highlights, bassist Michael Gebhart and drummer Frank Bruns provide the necessary base for the boys (Eclipsed).

„Roots? Yes, of course! „

The only question is whether or not these roots must always be told by the music. The CBC says, „No“. Of course they were influenced by different musicians, and they still are. The list of their heroes is long. But tradition obliges and too many commitments can stress. Therefore, the Cologne Blues Club is working on its own way to play the blues: authentic – energetic, and always for their audience – passionately!

„Zyx / Peppercake Recording Artists“

The Cologne Blues Club sees itself as a live band, which wants to produce serious studio albums as well.  Their first EP has been produced on their own initiative shortly after the band’s formation. A short time later, the CBC bagged the first „real“ deal. They have signed a long-term contract with the prestigious label ZYX Music / Peppercake. Their debut – album „Our Streets“ was released in Europe in February 2011. The album features exquisite cover versions and some original compositions. The debut album was able to convince the critics. „The Cologne Blues Club created a convincing modern blues album“ (Gitarre + Bass), „I checked a perfect album, which can be classified as a genuinly secret tip“ (Rock Times), „frontman Géza Tényi, who…. with his voice puts his stamp on the band’s sound… and also knows how to convince with the bluesharp, … a clean, groovy rhythmgroup and two guitarists who know how to play „(Blue News),“ It grooves and guitarist Thilo Hornschild does not need to hide behind other German Blues Guitar Stars „(Good Times),“ The album sounds amazingly compact „(Concerto / Austria),“ Musically, the band is on the right track … the album shows the band’s potential „(Eclipsed). „Fact is: in german blues you haven´t heard something like this for a long time“ (Wasserprawda).